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The frustration of not being able to find a spot to park (even a frugal one) for your RV adventure is about to change! Moochdocker is a proprietary platform where hosts can rent out their driveway, open-lot, land, or ranch/farm to RVers for a fee. Think of it as the “shared economy” of driveways and experiences for RVers where hosts can make money from their unused driveways or land while RVers will be able to have safe, reliable parking for the night, or experiential-camping for several days without booking months in advance.

Enhancing the freedom of recreation and adventure while integrating technology, community, and reliability.




What is Moochdocker?

A Look Inside Moochdocker

As a fellow RVer, I wanted to create a community to enhance our travel destinations and make RV parking more accessible

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