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Moochdocker is reinventing the way we camp and RV travel.

Like many of you, we realized the travel industry did not provide enough options for overnight parking as you travel to destinations across the country. We all know that campgrounds require reservations to be made far in advance, they are outdated, and if they are booked up it can require you to stay hours away from your destination. With our marketplace and smart-park program, we are bringing much-needed supply to the market while adding accountability, reduced labor/overhead costs, and increased experience-value.

We solve the problem of under supplied temporary and immediate RV parking. We provide a safe and efficient alternative for the camping and RV industries that allow travelers to find immediate parking close to their destinations.

Where RVing is more commonplace such as our National Parks, RV campsites are over-booked and supply is not keeping pace with demand causing frustrations and poor experiences due to lack of competition.

We are further connecting people, cultures, and experiences while solving a very large problem

Safety is crucial to us at Moochdocker, which is why we vet and hand select our hosts to ensure a quality experience for both hosts and guests.

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