An RV-Travel Boom Like You’ve Never Seen

Colter, co-founder Moochdocker
Is there a good way to present this without referencing Covid-19 Coronavirus which we are all so sick of hearing about already? Let me try…

Imagine 300M Americans who no longer have the luxury of attending their favorite restaurant every Thursday night at will, cannot take their kids to Six-Flags in July while the children have restlessly been home from school since March, no longer can fly due to the airlines being broke and airports being shut down…

Imagine 300M Americans who cannot attend Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon this summer, cannot visit their favorite state park in Florida, the beaches are closed in California, all the while, these Americans are families who have not been outside of the house for 2 months when the weather is sunshine and 85 degrees.

Well it’s happening. What does this mean when men’s golf league is cancelled and the average retiree is forced to stay home because their age and health will not allow them to join large crowds, when social distancing becomes the standard operating procedure for how society interacts?

How are millennial moms and dads going to manage working from home, educating from home, and keeping their children entertained and occupied? Especially in July when those kids could be at the grandparents house or summer-camp?

It all looks scary, quite frankly. A world where standard, well-accustomed travel methods and procedures are now a luxury if accessible at all.

People won’t quit travelling, and all this self-quarantining will make them snap back stronger like a rubber band that has been stretched to its limits.

We are going to see a response to safety concerns and how airports and amusement parks can be improved there, but it won’t be fun. That will change drastically, what will not change is human’s desire to travel, explore, and get out to experience the world.

This is why there will be an RV-Travel boom for the Summer of 2020. It’s coming, prepare yourselves!

Like many of you, I see opportunity in chaos. I see growth in problems, and I believe you cannot have darkness without the light. As the co-founder of Moochdocker, I want you to seize this opportunity of RV travel.

I would like to see you capitalize on the strange times we are living in and the uncomfortable changes we are having to make as society.

Humans see RVing as a safer way to travel; fewer crowds, no lines or being corralled-up like cattle in a feedlot. They will come to appreciate this experience more and more as RVing forces them to get in touch with each other, and their soul.

With even state and public campgrounds shut down due to Covid-19 Coronavirus, being forced to camp on farmer’s and rancher’s own private “wilderness” will teach us the appreciation of the everyday beauty off our neighbor’s back porch.

It is coming. The RVing Boom unlike you’ve ever seen, and it is going to be wonderful. Rather than grandma and grandpa taking the kids to the IMAX theater, they will spend the day camped by a creek, roasting marshmallows, hearing the ranch-owner’s story of tough winters and good horses, and having grandpa teach them how to catch their first fish.

Moochdocker is here, at the right time, doing the right things, in the right place to answer this call. We feel it is our civic-duty at this point to help you enjoy the RV Boom.

There is no better time in history than today to get started Moochdocking.

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