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Is it safe?
Members acknowledge that they have read and agree to the Code of Conduct, Terms, and Policy.
They agree they will not hold Moochdocker or any Host location and event-experience, or any of their staff members responsible for any damage or harm to themselves, their family or guests, their pets or their vehicles and they acknowledge that they have liability insurance that covers themselves, their vehicle(s), their family and any guests.
What type of vehicles are allowed?
All classes of RV’s are allowed (Class A, Class B, Class C) including Motor Coaches, Fifth Wheel Campers, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Camper Vans, Truck Campers, and Schoolies. Towed Vehicles for the recreationalist travelling to Moab with their Jeep for example, also acceptable. It really just depends on the host, site, and access. Each host has their size, site, and accessibility restrictions stated in their listing. If it is unclear, feel free to reach out to them and ask before booking.

Not all vehicles have to be fully self contained: This is wild-camping, dry-camping, and pasture-parking, along with travellers who will be using tents, pop-out campers, vans, and even cars or pickups. If you will not be fully self contained, be sure to check with your host on what the requirements are for bathroom and waste disposal before you book. If it is unclear, feel free to reach out to them and ask before booking. Porta-potties may be acceptable but must be dumped off-site at an appropriate facility if your host does not allow or have the abilities for dumping/disposal.

Can I use a generator?
Yes, unless stated otherwise by your host. Most of these locations are very rural but when booking a tailgating, motorsport, or music-festival site, be sure to check with your host if it is unclear about their generator policy.
Are pets allowed?
In most places they are, but remember, you are responsible for what your pet does and what happens to your pet. Many of our hosts are farmers with free-roaming pets of their own. Some are ranchers with livestock that your pet may not be accustomed to, and other hosts are on the edge of the wilderness. Hosts are required to disclose if pets are allowed or not, but if it is unclear, just check with them before booking.
How long can I stay?
As long as the host has allowed and you have booked for. It is up to each host specifically on what their duration minimum or maximum stay requirements are. For many sites such as “Big Country Dry Camp” you are miles away from the host, isolated on the very back of the ranch. Per our Code of Conduct, Term, and Policy, we expect you will act with integrity by checking out on time and not squatting. That just makes you look bad.
Are hosts open all year around?
Not usually. Hosts disclose their camping and experience dates in their listing. You can book several months ahead, but normally they operate with the seasons.
Must I buy something from the host who has additional add-ons?
Absolutely not. If the add-ons are alacarte and not part of a camping package, you are not required to purchase anything else. Moochdocking is about the necessity and experience of parking on private property; anything else is just additional benefits offered. Do not feel pressured by the host to purchase anything else if all you need is a peaceful, relaxing night’s stay in their back-40.
Do hosts offer electricity, water, and dump?
Some do, most do not. It is disclosed in their listing what additional amenities are offered within their campsite, but if it is unclear or you have special requests, just reach out to them and ask!
Can I arrive unannounced?
Absolutely not. Hosts have busy lives just like you, most are doing this part time and must make arrangements and plans of their own to accommodate campers. Please be courteous and book ahead of time, making sure they have accepted your booking for checking in. Arriving after “normal business hours” is not an issue for most hosts as they are largely self-employed and don’t have “normal business hours,” just try to be flexible and communicate efficiently with your host if unforeseen changes happen.
How far ahead can I book?
As early as hosts start taking bookings. Some allow reservations to be made several months, some only as the travel season begins. This is facilitated on our booking platform and disclosed in each site’s listing.
Are alcohol and marijuana allowed?
Moochdocker and our hosts respect all laws. Please review our policy before booking. This is normally site-specific so also please review the hosts own policy on alcohol and marijuana.
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