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Are you an RV, outdoor, or campground entrepreneur?
We are looking for ambassadors to sign up and manage more Moochdocker hosts!
What makes a successful Moochdocker Entrepreneur?

• Loves to Camp, RV, or Travel

• Enjoys social interaction and community involvement

• Has excellent customer service, communication, and interpersonal skills

• Competent with social media, marketing, sales and advertising

• Strengths include work ethic, structure, organization, and planning

• Understanding or willingness to learn, especially CRM, booking, and management systems

Optimal candidates will have:

• Background in marketing, sales, administration, or management

• Experience in the recreation, campground, travel, tourist, lodging, hotel, RV, camping, or hospitality industry

What’s in it for Ambassadors?
  1. Travel around the country assisting, reviewing, and auditing hosts
  2. Fun, part-time and seasonal work unencumbered your primary occupation
  3. Organize meetups, networking events, and RV/Travel groups
  4. Self employed entrepreneurship; you are the master of your fate, the captain of your life!
    1. write-off all your travel expenses as business expenses including depreciating your RV, vehicle, and gear. Tax benefits are yours as a 1099 independent contractor.
  5. Recurring annual revenues as defined by the chart below


  1. You sign up 50 new hosts in Year 1
    • Your Sign Up Bonus = $500
  2. In year 2, those 50 hosts have total camping, event experience, and add-on revenues of $325,000.
  3. The average fee charged by Moochdocker to the host is approximately 17.5%
    Total Moochdocker revenue of approximately $56,875.
    • As ambassador of these 50 hosts, your earnings would look as follows:

So what goes into being an ambassador?

  1. Customer Service
    • answering and addressing all complaints, negative comments, and guest-feedback associated with your hosts
    • dispute resolution, ensuring your host does not take negative reviews personally, assisting them in using that opinion as an opportunity for improvement
  2. Marketing
    • helping your hosts to improve their social media, online, and Moochdocker presence
    • updating their listing to be reflective of all it has to offer, storytelling
    • first-class professional imagery and video
    • assisting and encouraging them to use social media outlets for better SEO and engagement
    • reviews, making sure the property is in great condition
  3. Coaching
    • Making sure your hosts are always putting their best foot forward, being hospitable, and trying to improve their listings. Help them be successful.
    • Assisting your hosts with candid and honest feedback of how they can better improve their listing
    • Adding more; can your host offer horseback rides, free range chicken eggs, fly-fishing courses? Their business is your business; assisting them in being able to offer more, grow their listing and services helps you grow your recurring revenue-streams.
  4. Cultivating the Community
    • joining and engaging with local, Facebook, national, and online RV and travel groups
    • creative branding events such as hosting a Moochdocker rally during Sturgis Bike Week
    • Offering your Ambassador services to music festivals, FEMA response teams, and workamper hosts
      • think creatively, this is your opportunity to really get involved and create the RV community you would like to foster!
  5. Follow Up
    • thanking guests for their stay
    • Asking about their experience
    • Seeking feedback and improvement
    • Asking for comments and reviews

How it Works

  1. Sign up and register with Moochdocker to be an official Moochador
  2. Build your official Moochador website and social media accounts
  3. Register your administrative campground management account with
    1. we will help you through this process
  4. Start networking! Go out and sign up your favorite places to host and offer additional services
  5. Using your administrative dashboard, build their listing for them.
  6. Once they are active, through our Salesforce CRM that you will be registered under, submit your request to allow them to start hosting. Your signup bonus will be escrowed in your account until your host makes their first successful reservation.
  7. All bonuses and commissions will be held in escrow and paid on an annual basis, FYE 12/31
  8. That’s it, what are you waiting for? Get started by signing up below
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